A sports-player based economy platform, focused around a DEX for trading in the stock of sports player. Also featuring a sports prediction market.

The Low Down

Through Fanance users can purchase tokens and NFTs that represent their favorite sports stars, from multiple sports, on the blockchain. There is no mention that these tokens will be endorsed by the athlete themselves.

Fanance is based around the FANC token, a Cardano Native Token, which is required to interact with the platform. Once a user has obtained this token they will be able to interact with the protocol. On the protocol they can:

  • Buy sell or trade player tokens
  • Stake and Provide FANC, ADA, and PLAYER tokens as liquidity and receive an APY in FANC tokens
  • Also receive a percentage of transaction fees for staked liquidity
  • Buy player specific NFTs (only 1 per player). The owner receives a percentage of a player's token transaction fees and farms APY without staking. This can be sold via open auction.
  • Bet on a specific game’s outcome and win FANC tokens from the game’s pool of bets
  • Use FANC to vote on improvements to the platform

Fanance is the AMM based DEX where all player tokens are bought, staked, and sold. Each transaction is charged a 0.5% fee; of which 50% is burned and the remaining is distributed amongst the stakeholders of that particular token.

Token prices are determined by the supply and demand of the market and the player’s real-life performance will effect total distribution of their token.

Real-Life Performance

Each month a certain number of player tokens are minted. The quantity is based on the player’s real-life performance. There is no maximum cap for a player specific token. These are distributed to NFT owners and liquidity providers of that players token on the platform.

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