A sports-player based economy platform, focused around a DEX for trading in the stock of sports player. Also featuring a sports prediction market.

Fanance is based around the FANC token, a Cardano Native Token, which is required to interact with the platform. Once a user has obtained this token they will be able to interact with the protocol. On the protocol they can:

  • Buy sell or trade player tokens
  • Stake and Provide FANC, ADA, and PLAYER tokens as liquidity and receive an APY in FANC tokens
  • Also receive a percentage of transaction fees for staked liquidity
  • Buy player specific NFTs (only 1 per player). The owner receives a percentage of a player's token transaction fees and farms APY without staking. This can be sold via open auction.
  • Bet on a specific game’s outcome and win FANC tokens from the game’s pool of bets
  • Use FANC to vote on improvements to the platform

Fanance is the AMM based DEX where all player tokens are bought, staked, and sold. Each transaction is charged a 0.5% fee; of which 50% is burned and the remaining is distributed amongst the stakeholders of that particular token.

Token prices are determined by the supply and demand of the market and the player’s real-life performance affects demand and total distribution.

Real-Life Performance

Each month a certain number of player tokens are minted. The quantity is based on the player’s real-life performance. There is no maximum cap for a player specific token. These are distributed to NT owners and LP stakers.