Cardano Identity


  • IdentityToken

    IdentityToken is an idea, the idea of owning your identity and bringing it with you. Eliminating the need for custodians managing your identity.

    IdentityToken, Cardano User Tools.
  • Pet Registry

    A blockchain alternative to microchipping pets that is cheaper and much easier to update. Geo-location pings are sent to owners when a pet's QR code is scanned.

    Pet Registry, Cardano User Tools.
    Pet Registry
  • blocktrust

    Blocktrust is building identity solutions on top of **Atala PRISM**

    blocktrust, Cardano User Tools.
  • Larissa.Health

    Our mission is helping to improve the environment for midwifery to reduce mortality related to pregnancy You already support us by starting to stake 200 $ADA

    Larissa.Health, Cardano Industry Solutions.