Cardano Developer Ecosystem

Developer Ecosystem

  • Supra

    Supra helps Cardano merchants and creators create checkout links for their products and services without writing any lines of code.

    Supra, Cardano Project Building Resources.
  • gOuroboros

    Go implementation of the Cardano Ouroboros protocol

    gOuroboros, Cardano Developer Tools.
  • Cardano Starter Kit

    Cardano Starter Kit is a Next.js project for building cardano web3 applications with TypeScript, use-cardano, and Lucid.

    Cardano Starter Kit, Cardano Developer Tools.
    Cardano Starter Kit
  • PRToken

    Earn crypto while contributing to open source projects.

    PRToken, Cardano Dev Tools.
  • Tangocrypto

    Highly available and scalable software infrastructure (APIs/SDKs) for developers to build on top of Cardano, saving time and reducing costs.

    Tangocrypto, Cardano Developer Tools.