Cardano Assistance



    A community stake pool with perks. We are censorship resistant and dedicated to Cardano's decentralization. Members earn MERIT tokens with or without delegating

    MERIT, Cardano Stake Pool.
  • FreeLoaderz Dao LLC

    Leveraging open source code and the Cardano Community at large, FreeLoaderz is constantly working towards a free and Decentralized Cardano.

    FreeLoaderz Dao LLC, Cardano Project Building Resources.
    FreeLoaderz Dao LLC
  • Summon Platform

    A comprehensive solution for intuitive DAO creation, on-chain voting, governance & treasury management, access to DeFi utilities and more.

    Summon Platform, Cardano Project Building Resources.
    Summon Platform
  • Obsidian Systems

    Software consultancy specializing in Haskell, Nix, curiosity, and innovation.

    Obsidian Systems, Cardano Project Building Resources.
    Obsidian Systems
  • Pop Up World Token

    Pop Up World is a digital platform launched in 2020 that helps start-ups and small businesses “reach for the stars”.

    Pop Up World Token, Cardano Project Building Resources.
    Pop Up World Token