Cryplect enables pro-sports to access a new generation of fans by engaging them with a fantasy experience on the second screen during and between the games.

Fans can convert their basketball knowledge to success with officially licensed digital basketball video cards in easy to onboard fantasy basketball game, win prizes and earn social credit. In addition Cryplect enables fans to own actual pieces of basketball history. Cryplect is not a B2B2C company, we use blockchain technology to prove the ownership of a certain digital asset to a specific owner. Eg. you can be the sole owner of a video and there is a certificate to prove it. Thus this creates value. Furthermore Cryplect is hosting a very active server on Discord where fans of the leagues come together daily to chat with each other, discuss game strategies, share rumors about the players, participate in giveaways, quizzes and give real time feedback about the product. This is a very good exposure channel for pro-sports leagues.

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