Cavalier King Charles token

$Charly token is a meme coin on Cardano blockchain to honor Charles Hoskinson. Our goal is to build great and interesting kingdom on the best blockchain.

NFT Collections

  • Fairy tale seven (7 items)
  • Certificates of Charlys kingdom (99 items)
  • Charly Hood (47 items)
  • Charlys gold rush (3007 items) cooming soon

Cavalier King Charles token ( $ CHARLY ) is on Cardano blockchain to bark only. Don't blame us if our bark doesn't make you rich, this is not our goal. Our goal is to honor the founder of Cardano and if you are here for the money, then we suggest you to go back to the F I A T world mmkaay.

Why we are here? It can't be just one doggie as a meme on Cardano. We will accompany other meme doggie tokens, so we can bark together like a big wolfpack. You can't expect to be rich with ( $CHARLY ) tokens, but we can promise you, that our bark will be heard far far away, even to the Othala in Ida galaxy the home of Asgards.

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