Cardano Wall

A tool that simplifies sending messages to the Cardano blockchain to be stored there immutably and forever. Facilitating using Cardano for proof-of-existence.

Users first need to purchase a coupon with ADA to send a message. The cost is set at 1ADA per message but users can buy coupons for multiple messages instead of having to purchase them individually.

Messages sent to the blockchain can contain images, geo-positions, and internet pages along with text. Users can add the hash value of digital data to the blockchain -with all the technical stuff done by the protocol- allowing one to prove that the data existed at that time; facilitating proof-of-existence utilizing the blockchain as a notary. This hash value can’t be used to extract the contents of the data from the source but, importantly, it can be used to prove ownership and existence.

The Cardano Wall website features a message viewer where messages created with the platform are displayed. Users sending messages can opt to make their message private so that it does not appear here.

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