These NFTs have been minted in 4 forms, some with extra functionality. Hosting a 2nd hand marketplace for all NFTs where the creator receives sale commission.

Babymonkeys and female babymonkeys can be combined to breed new monkeys! At the turn of 2022 babymonkeys will get older; but no one quite knows what this means yet....

CardanoApes also hosts a NFT marketplace on their website which allows users select different verified projects in a sidebar so that can be sure that they're not buying fake, copy-cat NFTs. Users can also include non-verified NFTs in their search if they wish.

There is a 2.5% platform service fee deducted from the sale price of an NFT, i.e. the seller pays the fee.

On their marketplace CardanoApes want to implement a "creator royalties" function where 2.5% of the sale of each NFT is distributed to the original creator. To enable this creators need to signup to the program by sending CardanoApes their receiving address. It is assumed that this is not in addition to the aforementioned platform service fee and that, instead, CardanoApes are distributing this fee to the verified creator of that NFT.

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