A non-custodial, mobile app based wallet, offering interoperability across 3 blockchains, access to DeFi solutions, and FIAT crypto purchases.

CardWallet offers interoperability across three blockchain: Cardano, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain; and also allows users to purchase Bitcoin. This interoperability allows users to seamlessly swap tokens built on top of these chains, with CardWallet promising minimum slippage and low fees provided by “automatically calculated, dynamic fee-setting mechanisms”.

CardWallet will also give users access to an NFT marketplace.

Users can use credit and debit cards along with Apple Pay to purchase crypto on the CardWallet platform and, importantly, they can withdraw their funds to a card of their choosing.

CardWallet plans to allow users access to the yield farming properties of a plethora of DeFi protocols, across multiple chains, through their Liquidity Engine, allowing users to automate their yield farming and spread out their risk.

When it comes to ADA users will be able to buy, sell, hold, send, receive, stake, and swap their ADA, with many of these functionalities mainly holding, sending, receiving, and swapping being available for Cardano native tokens and NFTs.

CardWallet will have its own native token, CW, which offers multiple benefits to both stakers and users of the platform.

  • Stakers get access to swaps with 0 fees
  • Pool stakers receive rebates in CW, on top of their ADA rewards
  • Traders receive monthly rewards, in CW, from a small pool on a pro-rata volume-weighted basis
  • Rewards of CW will be handed out to users participating in the DAO
  • Rewards of CW will be given for submitting improvement proposals to the platform
  • Rewards in CW will be handed out based on activity on social media channels