Blink Labs

Open source and custom blockchain solutions for Cardano

Blink Labs began with the idea to run a Cardano stake pool in the summer of 2021. We were operating as CloudStruct, a DevOps as a Service consulting company and launched the CloudStruct Cardano Staking pool which operated until the end of 2022. Since then, we have focused on creating open source software and custom solutions on the Cardano blockchain. Our team has experience with projects of all scale, from one man solopreneurs to global scale communications, storage, cloud, and big data companies in Silicon Valley. We leverage our team’s deep experience in global scale operations to build highly available, repeatable, and scalable systems unique to the Cardano blockchain. Our main goal is to ensure that we build high quality software and services for the Cardano ecosystem, reducing time to market, and reliability through open source software.

Open source

Open source software is the foundation on which most of the modern digital world is built. Open source software is used in mobile devices, televisions, telecommunications, and even robots on Mars. Blink Labs is committed to being a good steward to our little corner of the open source universe. Our software is licensed using friendly open source licenses which allow for commercialization of our work. We believe this provides a richer and more robust ecosystem for others to build and grow. We welcome all contributions to our projects and can act as custodians for others, as well.

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