Play Bingo and win Bingo Tokens on Cardano! A bingo game based around the ownership and distribution of Bingo Tokens, with optional ADA and cash prizes.

Bingochain all started when the pandemic closed bingo halls across the world. Bingochain offers a platform for users to play and host (call) games of bingo. Games can be played for fun or the caller can incentivize a game with real money or ADA.

Bingo players receive a Bingo Token, a Cardano Native Token, for each card they play in a game. They start with one but receive extra cards when those they have invited join the game. Callers get rewarded in Bingo Tokens, based on how many players are in the game, and winners also rewarded in Bingo Tokens, based on the number of other players in the game. To begin with Bingochain will be providing callers with ADA to offer as prizes to incentivize players to join their community.

Live streaming by callers is encouraged, to make the games more engaging and Bingochain aims to build a bingo community on Cardano

Bingo Token will follow a halving strategy, where once 50% of the supply is distributed the distribution will halve and half a token will be the basis for rewards instead of a full token. Once 75% of the supply is distributed then distribution halves again and only a quarter of a token will be rewarded in line with the methods described above.

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