A NFT marketplace featuring verified collections, and fixed price sales. Also allowing the artists of listed collections to build royalties into NFT sales.

NFTs on Adapix are available only for fixed price sale, and all transactions are managed and executed by smart contract. Currently, only Nami wallet can be used on Adapix and, to ensure a smooth user experience, the wallet used should not be overloaded with assets.

A clean interface allows for the searching of the marketplace and the sorting of results.

To prevent fake and copycat NFTs only NFTs from collections that have been verified by the platform’s creators are allowed to be listed on Adapix.

Adapix charges sellers a 2.5% fee, on top of artist royalties

Artist Royalties

When having their NFT collection listed the creator can choose to include royalties, of up to 10%, in the smart contract. This means that the creator receive up to 10% from the sale of each NFT sold through the platform.

A Handy Guide

The creators of the Adapix marketplace has created an easy to read guide for how to use the marketplace. This guide covers everything from setting up Nami wallet to listing and buying an NFT.

The guide also includes how to troubleshoot various error messages.

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