A block and transaction explorer for the Cardano blockchain, featuring a unique RichList tool.

Displaying the five most recently minted blocks, along with the: slot leader, block size, and transaction count; ADAex facilitates deeper exploration of the contents of these blocks with clickable hashes.

Following this are the five most recent transactions on the blockchain along with the total sent, the fees paid, and the transaction hash; which is, again, clickable, allowing the user to see the full details of the transaction.

An omnipresent search bar populates the menu bar along with other tabs -described below- and allows users to search the blockchain by address and transaction.

Other tabs offer separate lists of Blocks and Transactions, displayed in chronological order, and the Pools tab provides a searchable list of stake pools that, when clicked, transports the user to their dedicated page on ADAex’s sister site ADApools and display's that pool’s metrics to the user.

A Richlist tab shows the address holding the most ADA along with where it is staked.

Users can use the Richlist to see where they might rank in the listing by entering the amount of ADA they own; not their address.

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