Nami Wallet

An open source, browser extension light-wallet that can interact with Cardano dApps through a browser.

Nami wallet works with Chrome, Edge, Brave and other Chrome based browsers. Users can connect to any website and interact with the Cardano blockchain and programs and protocols built on top of it e.g. dApps.

This non-custodial wallet can be used for:

  • Sending, storing, and receiving ADA and Cardano Native Token
  • Minting NFTs
  • Storing NFTs
  • Delegating ADA stake
  • Multi-sig transactions

With Nami wallet the user get a single wallet from a seed phrase, but from that seed phrase the user can generate sub accounts. These sub accounts will have no direct correlation with each other on the blockchain i.e. someone can’t see that you’re the proprietor of multiple accounts linked to the same wallet. You can use each account to delegate to a different stake pool.