An NFT minting service that acts as a gallery for all the NFTs minted through it. Now featuring NFT-Maker PRO a 2.0, white-label service.

NFT-Maker is the first in a line of NFT services being offered by the creators of this tool. It allows for the simple minting of NFTs.

All NFTs minted using NFT-Maker and NFT-Maker PRO are stored on the IPFS and pinned to the servers of NFT-Maker, meaning that they’re always accessible to the owner, anywhere in the world.

NFT-Maker PRO is a tool designed for businesses, professionals, along with brands, companies, and individuals \

giving them the ability to mint their own NFT collections of any size; from tens, to tens of thousands, to millions.

This tool takes the “cardano” or “transactional” element out of the equation and allows the brand, company, or individual to concentrate on their products, promotions, or whatever other reason they’ve decided to integrate NFTs into their business.

This tool can also be used to create an NFT minting platform, NFT marketplace, or to launch a personal collection of NFTs.

The PRO tool is not for the faint hearted and, whilst it can be used by those possessing no coding knowledge, technical understanding is needed to unlock the full potential of this fully customizable NFT minting tool. It can also be used to create NFT marketplaces and NFT trading platforms.


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NFT-Maker Pro